Our Story

This is my family story.

Hi, I’m 8 year old Courtney but everyone calls me “Ginger”. To my understanding my grandmother Mena, operated the Bahamian Kitchen Restaurant and Bar since 1986.As a young lady she had awesome cooking skills and decided to share it by serving some of the best authentic Bahamian food on the island.Then in 2004 my mom, Prudence better known as “Cookie” got involved in the small family owned business, after all she had a lot of experience in the restaurant business as she held onto my grandmother’s wings until it was time for her to take flight. She now over sees most of the day to day operation with my grandmother still at her side, and yes, my mommy cooks too!

Now how crazy is this?

In 2010 my sister Tasmaine, “Cinnamon”, was introduced to the family business, as she also had a passion for cooking. At this point, the name was changed from Bahamian Kitchen to Bahamian Cookin’ -after all this is what my family does every day.

Today my family still prepares traditional, authentic Bahamian food that we love and enjoy just as if it was from our kitchen at home.


Three generations!


How can I go wrong!